Creating a Menu for my Family, A Labor of Love.

First off, I love to cook. Thus, meal planning is not really a chore to me.

I have boards on my Pintrest  page dedicated to main dishes, sides, salads, breads and desserts. I even have one for dips and sauces and another for beverages. I pin while nursing my son so When I sit down to plan my menu I begin by perusing my pins. I plan on a different paper than my final draft menu and begin by outlining my main dishes. I finish up by rounding off each dinner with sides and trimmings. I like to add in variety so we always have at least two Asian nights and two Mexican nights. After meeting these requirements I am free to put in what ever else I desire. since its been cold I’ve been doing soups, but my current menu I’m working on has a variety of sandwiches.

as for finding recipes, I’m a seasoned cook so I know what to do almost instinctively. I find a recipe that I like, or maybe Four and then I combine parts that I like and discard the parts that I don’t.

Honestly, I couldn’t follow a recipe if I tried. To me cooking like creating art, there isn’t a set way or rules for what to do. No structure allowed! It has to flow and it becomes what it is. My cooking is a barometer of my mood.

once while I was in college I was beginning a clay pottery class and each student got to talk about art and basically introduce them self. when It came to my turn I boldly announced that food was my favorite and the best form of art. This was something that caused the heads of all the seasoned potters pop up. one of the gentlemen asked me why I felt that way. Well, food effects all of our senses. First, we eat with our eyes. Second, we smell it and this gives us a good impression of what our food will taste like. Next, we get to taste it and unlike other forms of art this will most often taste good. Fourth, we can sometimes hear it. think about fajitas! Number Five, we can touch our food with our fingers and mouths. and lastly food not only nourishes our soul but it nourishes our body we will die with out it.

Perhaps its my passion for food and cooking that makes me feel this way. Maybe artists of different mediums can make a similar argument for their passions.

I stand firm on my stance however. its been about 5 years since I took that class and though clay is a pretty sweet medium to work with I will take my food, the best  and my forever favorite form of art.

What is your passion? Do you like to craft with paper? Clay? Wood? Words? Make an argument for it, What is it that makes it THE BEST!


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