Current Projects and such.

Here are some projects that I am currently working on. I will do some tutorials for each project when I do them.

My first  project will be 2 pair of baby leggings. I got these tube socks from the Dollar Tree. I love finding cute or holiday themed tube socks there and  then making little leg warmers for my kiddos. $1.00 plus 10 – 15 minutes and a couple swear words sure beats what I’d pay to buy these name brand which is $10 to $15. I want to make one pair for my son (the red and black stripes) and a pair for my sister in laws little girl.

 Iphonepics 363

I am making 2 stencils to use for 2 different projects from my New New Years resolution post. One will be for my area rug (ya, I nixed my original plan  and decided to do a stenciled design rug), the other will be for decorative throw pillows.

 Iphonepics 364


A couple days before Christmas I did this hand print picture as a cute family craft, I want to ues these two smaller frames to do each of my boys foot prints. I want to display them with this picture as a cluster.  I just couldnt find a place to hang the hand print picture that wouldn’t look odd. we have really high ceilings so a small piece of art looks really odd!

Iphonepics 361Iphonepics 362

I want to do these projects by the end of the month but… we shall see. It all depends on what I have going on, what comes up and my level of laziness.

***Kind of fun, I will be attending a training class this Saturday in order to volunteer as a Doula at the University of Utah Hospital. They have a program that provides volunteer Doulas for women who request one. It is free of charge for the mothers.  I am quite excited for the opportunity to do this, I would like to eventually have my own Doula practice but at the moment I really don’t have the time available that I would like to be able to devote to a mother who chooses to birth with me.


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