Getting the day started. Thursday.

Today wass a white day. White earth and white sky, every thing else is black or shadowed. I really love winter, I really love all the seasons.  Living in Utah I get to see them all.

Iphonepics 366

( this is the view from my craft/ office space. Toward the end of summer the tree is full of birds and apples. Umm Umm good. There is a small bird house to the left side of the picture. its been there about two years and still hasn’t gotten any residents. I was hoping for some chickadees. )

Last night I put up curtains in the window to block out glaring sun and cold air. I am very much enjoying them. the white curtains came from he AS IS section at Ikea ($8 each). they have huge silver grommets that the rod passes through. I like that once I get sick of the white I can dye them, maybe do some tie dye.  the black curtains were some I got from Ikea. I didn’t know that they were shear, i don’t  really care for them by them self. Now I love them, layered, the shear ones tied back. If I want a bit of sun I can tie back the white ones and let loose the black ones. Cute cute cute.

Iphonepics 365


I have to work on my menu plan. Hubby decided yesterday that we are going wheat free. After thinking about it and getting recipe advice form some ladies on an online group I think that it’s really no big deal. We only have to give up a few things like fast food and processed items from the store. We dont really buy those items anyway so it’s no big deal. I can make junk food with other types of flour blends. Time for me to get researching about substitutes that are healthy and safe to use.

I am also planning to make some baby leg warmers and do the kids foot prints. I also have a small load of laundry to fold and am doing a load of diapers. Yes, we cloth diaper. We part time EC too. I want to do a post later about each of these. 

Excitement for today:

we got our water filtration system in the mail today. My hubby doesn’t want us drinking fluoridated water. Its sad that we don’t have a choice in it unless we fork out for a special filtration system.  I am so excited to have triple osmosis filtered water just like Starbucks. I loved the taste of Starbucks water when I worked there.


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