It’s been a while. Weekly meal plan #3

Well, I got out of the groove of what I was doing and quit posting. Its been hard to get back but i’m happy I am.  Hello. My last computer crashed and I lost everything picture wise so I have to start from scratch so sadly no cute picture here. Lets just get right into a weekly meal plan list for everyone who is like me and has absolutely no idea what to put on the menu.


Week 3 meal plan

1. slow cooker chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes.

2. cheesy enchilada bake. This is a quick dinner. Just brown some ground meant and add taco seasoning. place a tortilla in a casserole dish and begin creating layers. ground beef, canned enchilada sauce, cheese. Beans, sauce, cheese. ( I usually use 6 tortillas total) finish the stack by adding jut sauce and cheese to the final top tortilla. I just bake it until it is hot through out and the cheese is melted

3. pan fried pork chops with baked beans and potato salad. you can use the drippings left over from frying the chops to make a gravy.

4. chicken soup with dumplings

5. crock pot bbq ribs with fries and a fun salad of your choice. I did a shredded brussels sprout salad with bacon, walnuts and dried cranberries. for the dressing i just made a vinaigrette with honey, red wine vinegar, sesame oil, olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper, I mixed everything together and stored covered in the refrigerator until i was ready to serve.


6. country fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and a vegetable

7. meatball sub casserole. just make or buy pre cooked meat balls. cook um up, place thickly sliced french bread on the bottom of a baking dish. (I like to butter and garlic the bread and place it butter side down. place meat balls on top then top with spaghetti sauce and some italian cheeses. i use mozzarella and parmesan.


I hope this menu has some good idea or creates some cooking  inspiration.





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