Finally a productive day

Today was a very productive day for me. I’ve been having a hard time getting my act together. Things like cleaning, cooking and organizing have been getting done on a very strict do only what needs to be done basis. Today however has looked up. Last night I made a very long to do list and accomplished the whole thing this morning. After making phone calls and taking care of buisness I have been procrastinating on for a few weeks and longer, I began to clean and organize and get started on laundry.

Recently we moved to a new home and I was able to liberate all of my knick knacks and such from storage. One of which was an awesome scale I got from the thrift store for $4! It was love at first sight even though it was covered in layers of gross grease. IMG_1861[1]

Here is the scale, its so clean now! I had always wanted one of these, I always imagine every professional kitchen having one. I have a digital scale to do all my weighing on, this is purely for looks.

For cleaning I used baking soda and vinegar. I have been consistently amazed at how well these two products cut grease. I began by taking off the plastic face plate which I may take back off and leave off. I placed the greasy sticky screws into a bowl and added baking soda and vinegar. I let it foam of and then stirred it up a bit. I left the screws to soak. Next, scraped off the large deposits of grease. Then, I applied vinegar to each area as I cleaned it, to the vinegar i used my finger to apply baking soda and was able to easily rub the gummy grease away! I finished off by washing and drying. Im in love!

I wiped down the counter space behind my sink and rearranged my plants and hung a new piece of art I did last week. I think it all came together nicely.


As if this wasn’t all enough, I proceeded to clean the stove. Upon moving in I noticed that this house was in dire need of a deep clean. It seems to me like previous tenants weren’t so tidy and really breezed through with their move out cleaning. Anyhoo, the stove had horrible caked on gummy grease on the whole back part. I had gone over this area a few times with a magic eraser and hot rag with soap but lots of it still stuck. This time I went straight to vinegar and baking soda. I used the same technique as I had with the scale and voila, it came off. It wasnt quite as easy as with the scale, requiring some scrubbing and scraping. I used my plate scraper to get off the stubborn spots and I feel very smart right now for using it.

After the stove I moved onto a cabinet next to the stove that was sticky and greasy. I really wonder how someone can get so much grease everywhere and not notice it enough to clean it? I am happy to report that the cabinet edge which was almost black before is now a lovely dark brown as are the rest of the cabinets. Also, the handle which I thought was a dark glossy black turns out to actually be a dark greyish color with a matte. Gross I know.

Lastly, I have been hiding from the bathroom. I had so many bottles of products, a blow drier and hair straightner laying around. Also, the cabinet under the sink was a complete disaster. I began by organizing under the cabinet then moved to the sink and cleared all the unnecessary items off. Hurray! things are looking up and now the bathroom once again looks manageable.

I hope to begin implementing a weekly cleaning schedule soon. I miss having one to stick to daily so that my house looks decent. I began creating one tailored to our new home and its almost done. I also want to put in a day to focus on baking and other home made goods.

What have you been up to? do you have any cleaning tips or good experiences with baking soda and vinegar. Let me know! I’d love to hear.

Take care


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