I’m being productive and busy!

Ohh, today has been wonderful! I woke up and began getting some chicken ready to roast. I got 2 roasters at the store last night. Im planning to roast the chickens sans breasts.( breasts will be set aside for a different recipe) Anywho, I cut off the breasts then placed the chickens back side up in a glass roasting dish on top of some carrots, onions and celery. I salted the the chicken well and roasted away.

Once the chickens were done, I pulled all the meat off the bones (ate the yummy skin) and saved the wing pieces for husband to have buffalo wings for dinner. All the bones and discard chicken pieces as well as the roasted vegetable and some frozen scraps i have been saving are in a large pot on the stove slowly becoming a delicious chicken stock.

Stock ingredients:

chicken carcass, carrot, onion, celery, asparagus, brussels sprout, thyme, sage, bay leaf, filtered water. Simmer all day long adding water as needed. I used onion skins too. its all good!

I also have 3 loaves of sandwich bread and a loaf of french bread rising and about to go in the oven.

I still have to make a ranch dressing, vinaigrette and guacamole, chop up veggies and fruit for snacks.

I hope to get the bathroom cleaned and clean out the car. We recently went camping and the car got extremely dusty inside from driving on dirt roads with the windows down. It’s all bad.

Tonight is my sister in law’s bridal shower. I couldn’t be more excited for her to get married. My mom and I went in halfsies on the kate spade Mrs necklace in gold. Its too cute and perfect and I think that at a bridal shower it should be all about the bride.

Today is going to be productive and the husband will be happy. It’s going to speed by and I am ok with that.

Well, I hope everyone is getting stuff done and having a great time.

Take care.



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