Piece of art depicting a rat DIY


Another project on my list for the new year is a piece of art with a rat. I love rats, absolutely love them. Their bodies are just so streamlined and agile. Here is a silhouette of a side profile of a rat. It is raised a bit off the canvas and the raised shape is covered in gold glitter. The canvas is one I liberated from my local savers for $4. A steal if you ask me. Its quite large, about 3×1.5.

I began the project by painting the canvas white, it took 2 coats to cover the previous painting. (it wasn’t anything fancy, just a tempera painting done by a child)

After the canvas had dried, I used a pencil to sketch out my silhouette based on some pictures I saw on google.

Next, I used glue to create the raised edges. I have to say that no matter how many layers of elmers you use its just going to be flat. My advice is to skip right to the hot glue gun. After completing the project i thought that maybe I could have used something a little more solid and smooth like one of my husbands tubes of caulking or something. (i am weird and will try almost anything when DIYing)

Lastly I covered my raised shape with elmers glue in small sections and applied glitter to the top. I pressed lightly on the glitter to make sure it stuck really well.

After it was all dry I then turned the canvas on its side onto some news paper and tapped off the excess glitter, then brushed away anything left sticking to the canvas.

if you’re concerned about glitter fall out from the project after its hung up just spray it lightly with hairspray or a sealant spray. I didn’t bother however and have had no problems.

I love how this turned out. It fits in with my decor style and makes me happy. Make one using your favorite animal or make a geometric design. If you’re not handy with sketching, find something on google. Use some carbon paper to trace over your design and transfer it or if you want to save some $$ scribble with pencil dark and solid on the back of your design. place the pencil side down on the canvas then trace over your design. The pencil does a wonderful job of acting as carbon paper.

I hope you enjoyed this project, take care and give this idea a try using any animal shape you like. Let me know how it goes or if you get creative and have better ideas for the project. I would love to hear some ideas!


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