Embroidered rat


I just love this idea and how it turned out. Here Is a rat shape that I embroidered onto a piece of paper. As I have said before, I LOVE rats. So darn cute.

Lets get started. I recieved this and another matching frame from a friend and thought that the art print inside was a tad bit dated. I decided that It needed a face lift. The frame was already gold which was a plus. I took the back off and took the picture and glass out. I painted over the print with some crafting paint and then on a separate sheet of paper sketched out a rat. However you could also print a silhouette from google if drawing isn’t your forte.

After I  was happy with my drawing, I marked dots on the picture here I thought they were needed then used a ruler to  connect them, creating my shape. I added dots in as I went to make sure that the shape had defination and it was easy to discern what the shape was supposed to be.

To transfer the shape onto my painted piece of paper, I just layed my drawing on top and used a thick needle to poke into each dot I had drawn. Afterward, I went over each poke by sticking my needle into it creating a hole.

Lastly, Its time to put string through the holes to create a shape. I chose to use a gold embroidery floss.

em pic

Here is the pattern I used. I am skipping over a stitch then going back from the back side. this is how I ended up with a nice clean running stitch. Each stitch went through each hole twice. Pretend each number is a hole to put the needle through. You would come up though #1 from the back side with your first stitch (create a knot on the back side) then go down through #3, You would then come back up though #2 then back down through #3. Follow up through #4 then down though #2. This is the pattern through the whole thing through to the end. It kind of  like creating loops. I hope I explained this clearly. I had some trial and error figuring out this pattern myself.

Good luck. I do hope you try this project out for your own home. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with it.


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