Hosting a brunch

A little bit of background, I married into a large family. My husband is the second of fifteen and has a few sisters. Once a month all the sisters which includes sisters who have married into the family all try to get together and do some kind of activity. This Saturday I am hosting a brunch and craft activity. I chose to keep my menu simple and a couple sisters insisted upon bringing fruit which lightens my load a bit.

 My menu:

 Vegetable Frittata

Tofu scramble (vegan sister)



Pastries: plain cheese danish, cherry danish, apple danish, chocolate croissant.

Orange juice, coffee

I’m excited for our craft. I have chose a cute simple embroidery project. everyone will be able to do this because it requires only a few straight lines and messy sewing. Here is where I got the idea: I think its adorable. I plan to have the ladies cut out a cloud shape and sew it on with a simple running stitch and then just add sun rays and rain drops. I have tons of scrap fabrics for the background and clouds and I purchased some small embroidery hoops and extra embroidery needles.

Wish me luck, I hope everything works out and the food is all warm. Happy Saturdays  to Ya’ll.



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