Hosting a brunch

A little bit of background, I married into a large family. My husband is the second of fifteen and has a few sisters. Once a month all the sisters which includes sisters who have married into the family all try to get together and do some kind of activity. This Saturday I am hosting a brunch and craft activity. I chose to keep my menu simple and a couple sisters insisted upon bringing fruit which lightens my load a bit.

 My menu:

 Vegetable Frittata

Tofu scramble (vegan sister)



Pastries: plain cheese danish, cherry danish, apple danish, chocolate croissant.

Orange juice, coffee

I’m excited for our craft. I have chose a cute simple embroidery project. everyone will be able to do this because it requires only a few straight lines and messy sewing. Here is where I got the idea: ¬†¬†¬†¬†I think its adorable. I plan to have the ladies cut out a cloud shape and sew it on with a simple running stitch and then just add sun rays and rain drops. I have tons of scrap fabrics for the background and clouds and I purchased some small embroidery hoops and extra embroidery needles.

Wish me luck, I hope everything works out and the food is all warm. Happy Saturdays ¬†to Ya’ll.



Embroidered rat


I just love this idea and how it turned out. Here Is a rat shape that I embroidered onto a piece of paper. As I have said before, I LOVE rats. So darn cute.

Lets get started. I recieved this and another matching frame from a friend and thought that the art print inside was a tad bit dated. I decided that It needed a face lift. The frame was already gold which was a plus. I took the back off and took the picture and glass out. I painted over the print with some crafting paint and then on a separate sheet of paper sketched out a rat. However you could also print a silhouette from google if drawing isn’t your forte.

After I  was happy with my drawing, I marked dots on the picture here I thought they were needed then used a ruler to  connect them, creating my shape. I added dots in as I went to make sure that the shape had defination and it was easy to discern what the shape was supposed to be.

To transfer the shape onto my painted piece of paper, I just layed my drawing on top and used a thick needle to poke into each dot I had drawn. Afterward, I went over each poke by sticking my needle into it creating a hole.

Lastly, Its time to put string through the holes to create a shape. I chose to use a gold embroidery floss.

em pic

Here is the pattern I used. I am skipping over a stitch then going back from the back side. this is how I ended up with a nice clean running stitch. Each stitch went through each hole twice. Pretend each number is a hole to put the needle through. You would come up though #1 from the back side with your first stitch (create a knot on the back side) then go down through #3, You would then come back up though #2 then back down through #3. Follow up through #4 then down though #2. This is the pattern through the whole thing through to the end. It kind of  like creating loops. I hope I explained this clearly. I had some trial and error figuring out this pattern myself.

Good luck. I do hope you try this project out for your own home. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with it.

I’m being productive and busy!

Ohh, today has been wonderful! I woke up and began getting some chicken ready to roast. I got 2 roasters at the store last night. Im planning to roast the chickens sans breasts.( breasts will be set aside for a different recipe) Anywho, I cut off the breasts then placed the chickens back side up in a glass roasting dish on top of some carrots, onions and celery. I salted the the chicken well and roasted away.

Once the chickens were done, I pulled all the meat off the bones (ate the yummy skin) and saved the wing pieces for husband to have buffalo wings for dinner. All the bones and discard chicken pieces as well as the roasted vegetable and some frozen scraps i have been saving are in a large pot on the stove slowly becoming a delicious chicken stock.

Stock ingredients:

chicken carcass, carrot, onion, celery, asparagus, brussels sprout, thyme, sage, bay leaf, filtered water. Simmer all day long adding water as needed. I used onion skins too. its all good!

I also have 3 loaves of sandwich bread and a loaf of french bread rising and about to go in the oven.

I still have to make a ranch dressing, vinaigrette and guacamole, chop up veggies and fruit for snacks.

I hope to get the bathroom cleaned and clean out the car. We recently went camping and the car got extremely dusty inside from driving on dirt roads with the windows down. It’s all bad.

Tonight is my sister in law’s bridal shower. I couldn’t be more excited for her to get married. My mom and I went in halfsies on the kate spade Mrs necklace in gold. Its too cute and perfect and I think that at a bridal shower it should be all about the bride.

Today is going to be productive and the husband will be happy. It’s going to speed by and I am ok with that.

Well, I hope everyone is getting stuff done and having a great time.

Take care.


Piece of art depicting a rat DIY


Another project on my list for the new year is a piece of art with a rat. I love rats, absolutely love them. Their bodies are just so streamlined and agile. Here is a silhouette of a side profile of a rat. It is raised a bit off the canvas and the raised shape is covered in gold glitter. The canvas is one I liberated from my local savers for $4. A steal if you ask me. Its quite large, about 3×1.5.

I began the project by painting the canvas white, it took 2 coats to cover the previous painting. (it wasn’t anything fancy, just a tempera painting done by a child)

After the canvas had dried, I used a pencil to sketch out my silhouette based on some pictures I saw on google.

Next, I used glue to create the raised edges. I have to say that no matter how many layers of elmers you use its just going to be flat. My advice is to skip right to the hot glue gun. After completing the project i thought that maybe I could have used something a little more solid and smooth like one of my husbands tubes of caulking or something. (i am weird and will try almost anything when DIYing)

Lastly I covered my raised shape with elmers glue in small sections and applied glitter to the top. I pressed lightly on the glitter to make sure it stuck really well.

After it was all dry I then turned the canvas on its side onto some news paper and tapped off the excess glitter, then brushed away anything left sticking to the canvas.

if you’re concerned about glitter fall out from the project after its hung up just spray it lightly with hairspray or a sealant spray. I didn’t bother however and have had no problems.

I love how this turned out. It fits in with my decor style and makes me happy. Make one using your favorite animal or make a geometric design. If you’re not handy with sketching, find something on google. Use some carbon paper to trace over your design and transfer it or if you want to save some $$ scribble with pencil dark and solid on the back of your design. place the pencil side down on the canvas then trace over your design. The pencil does a wonderful job of acting as carbon paper.

I hope you enjoyed this project, take care and give this idea a try using any animal shape you like. Let me know how it goes or if you get creative and have better ideas for the project. I would love to hear some ideas!

DIY menu board

For the new year I wanted to do a series of craft projects. Here is my menu board I wanted to make. I am in love with how it looks and with how affordable it was.

I only had to buy the frame. I got it at Savers for 7.99. it was a bit more than I wanted to pay but the Savers here is so incredibly over priced.


Next I took the back off and took the picture and glass out. I was left with the frame, I roughed it up with some sand paper then wiped it down with a damp rag to remove any dust that might keep the paint from sticking.

I used some craft paints I had around and mixed a color i liked. It ended up taking about 3 coats of paint. I sanded between the second and third layers to smooth things out and then cleaned it off again with a damp rag.

I painted the picture black. I origionaly had planned to make a chalk board paint and paint a seprate board or the inside picture with it but I ended up just keeping it simple and frugal


Here is the finished product, I couldn’t be happier with it. I just re assembled¬†all the components back into the frame and the project was all done. I am using chalk pens to write the weekly menu on the glass. The chalk pens came in a set of 4 from walmart for $10.

I hope this inspires you to create one of your own to enjoy. Take care!

Finally a productive day

Today was a very productive day for me. I’ve been having a hard time getting my act together. Things like cleaning, cooking and organizing have been getting done on a very strict do only what needs to be done basis. Today however has looked up. Last night I made a very long to do list and accomplished the whole thing this morning. After making phone calls and taking care of buisness I have been procrastinating on for a few weeks and longer, I began to clean and organize and get started on laundry.

Recently we moved to a new home and I was able to liberate all of my knick knacks and such from storage. One of which was an awesome scale I got from the thrift store for $4! It was love at first sight even though it was covered in layers of gross grease. IMG_1861[1]

Here is the scale, its so clean now! I had always wanted one of these, I always imagine every professional kitchen having one. I have a digital scale to do all my weighing on, this is purely for looks.

For cleaning I used baking soda and vinegar. I have been consistently amazed at how well these two products cut grease. I began by taking off the plastic face plate which I may take back off and leave off. I placed the greasy sticky screws into a bowl and added baking soda and vinegar. I let it foam of and then stirred it up a bit. I left the screws to soak. Next, scraped off the large deposits of grease. Then, I applied vinegar to each area as I cleaned it, to the vinegar i used my finger to apply baking soda and was able to easily rub the gummy grease away! I finished off by washing and drying. Im in love!

I wiped down the counter space behind my sink and rearranged my plants and hung a new piece of art I did last week. I think it all came together nicely.


As if this wasn’t all enough, I proceeded to clean the stove. Upon moving in I noticed that this house was in dire need of a deep clean. It seems to me like previous tenants weren’t so tidy and really breezed through with their move out cleaning. Anyhoo, the stove had horrible caked on gummy grease on the whole back part. I had gone over this area a few times with a magic eraser and hot rag with soap but lots of it still stuck. This time I went straight to vinegar and baking soda. I used the same technique as I had with the scale and voila, it came off. It wasnt quite as easy as with the scale, requiring some scrubbing and scraping. I used my plate scraper to get off the stubborn spots and I feel very smart right now for using it.

After the stove I moved onto a cabinet next to the stove that was sticky and greasy. I really wonder how someone can get so much grease everywhere and not notice it enough to clean it? I am happy to report that the cabinet edge which was almost black before is now a lovely dark brown as are the rest of the cabinets. Also, the handle which I thought was a dark glossy black turns out to actually be a dark greyish color with a matte. Gross I know.

Lastly, I have been hiding from the bathroom. I had so many bottles of products, a blow drier and hair straightner laying around. Also, the cabinet under the sink was a complete disaster. I began by organizing under the cabinet then moved to the sink and cleared all the unnecessary items off. Hurray! things are looking up and now the bathroom once again looks manageable.

I hope to begin implementing a weekly cleaning schedule soon. I miss having one to stick to daily so that my house looks decent. I began creating one tailored to our new home and its almost done. I also want to put in a day to focus on baking and other home made goods.

What have you been up to? do you have any cleaning tips or good experiences with baking soda and vinegar. Let me know! I’d love to hear.

Take care

It’s been a while. Weekly meal plan #3

Well, I got out of the groove of what I was doing and quit posting. Its been hard to get back but i’m happy I am. ¬†Hello. My last computer crashed and I lost everything picture wise so I have to start from scratch so sadly no cute picture here. Lets just get right into a weekly meal plan list for everyone who is like me and has absolutely no idea what to put on the menu.


Week 3 meal plan

1. slow cooker chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes.

2. cheesy enchilada bake. This is a quick dinner. Just brown some ground meant and add taco seasoning. place a tortilla in a casserole dish and begin creating layers. ground beef, canned enchilada sauce, cheese. Beans, sauce, cheese. ( I usually use 6 tortillas total) finish the stack by adding jut sauce and cheese to the final top tortilla. I just bake it until it is hot through out and the cheese is melted

3. pan fried pork chops with baked beans and potato salad. you can use the drippings left over from frying the chops to make a gravy.

4. chicken soup with dumplings

5. crock pot bbq ribs with fries and a fun salad of your choice. I did a shredded brussels sprout salad with bacon, walnuts and dried cranberries. for the dressing i just made a vinaigrette with honey, red wine vinegar, sesame oil, olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper, I mixed everything together and stored covered in the refrigerator until i was ready to serve.


6. country fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and a vegetable

7. meatball sub casserole. just make or buy pre cooked meat balls. cook um up, place thickly sliced french bread on the bottom of a baking dish. (I like to butter and garlic the bread and place it butter side down. place meat balls on top then top with spaghetti sauce and some italian cheeses. i use mozzarella and parmesan.


I hope this menu has some good idea or creates some cooking  inspiration.