Baby leggings tutorial.

These legs are adorable and a way fun accessory for babies and toddlers.

Iphonepics 383

Here are your socks, find a pair that are really long. the length will be what is the legging part of the legs.

Iphonepics 368

Lay your socks out flat stacked on top of each other.

Iphonepics 369

Cut out the toe and heel like below. You don’t need these so just toss them.

Iphonepics 370

Take each foot portion from the socks and flip them in half so that the insides are touching each other (one side open and the other will be the folded edge). They will form tubes.

IphonepicsIphonepics 372

You’ll need to sew down the side of this tube to make it smaller. this is the part that goes on the ankles so it should be smaller than the top. You’re the best judge of what size is best for your baby.

Iphonepics 373

When they are both sewn up, trim off the excess.

Iphonepics 375

Position the foot portion onto the end of the leg portion so that the cut edges are all together. The leg portion of the sock should be going through the center of the tubes. Make sure that the tubes have the sewn edge on the outside. (they will end up on the inside when you turn them down after sewing.

Iphonepics 381

Stick in your first pin to hold everything together and then stretch the whole thing out and pin directly across from the first pin then do the left and then the right sides.

when you sew, be sure that you are getting all the layers in. If you don’t, no biggie, just go in and pinch them together and run the machine over it again. dont worry about sewing evenly all the way around. really, it doesn’t matter.

Iphonepics 379

See doesn’t matter. Nobody will ever know unless they get way too close to your kids ankles, and that’s just weird. I just zoom through and get it all done.

Iphonepics 382

Here are my finished socks. The only thing I tried to be perfect about was getting the hearts lined up. patterned socks are a bit more difficult than not for this reason.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, If you have any questions I am happy to answer them for you. Happy DIYing!


Resolutions? The new New Year Resolution(s)

The new year is a time where we set goals for things we want to accomplish. Many have resolutions like lose weight or save money. I just cant bare to set another goal to accomplish when I will probably  change my mind about whats important to me in a month or so anyway. Also, lets be real and admit that these types of resolutions rarely see follow through. 

A few days ago I was browsing YouTube and came across a woman who set 12 projects that she wanted to accomplish for the year, one for each month. This happens to be something that has my name written all over it.

Here are 12 projects that I want to do this year:

  1. type all my favorite recipes up an print onto index cards
  2. use the above typed recipes to make a menu board. The board will have all my menu items written down on it and my recipe cards for each attached.
  3. I need some large art so I want to do this: I have a large wall and this is just so beautiful, I know I will have fun doing it too!
  4. I have been wanting to get a large rug to go in our living room, but i’m not willing to pay a ton of money. I want to make something like this: . I want to use other materials instead of old towels. not sure of the specifics yet.
  5. I want to make myself a new tote bag.
  6. Patch up the knees of husbands jeans. This is the tutorial I will use to do my repairs:
  7. write a childrens story. This is something I have been wanting to try my hand at.
  8. make some decorative pillows for the couch and chair. This is a good reference tutorial for what I want to do:
  9. I want to make a pretend midwifery kit for my kids to use when I decide to have a third baby.
  10. I need to make one of these: Why? It looks so fun.
  11. I want to do this tutorial for a mirror to hang up: Another decorative item.
  12. I want to make some art depicting rats. I LOVE rats and oddly don’t have any pieces of art with rats as a theme.

Here it is, 12 things I hope to accomplish in 2014. Let me know about things that you want to accomplish, I would love to hear them.

New Years Celebration:

We are yet to decide how we will celebrate or our New Years Eve.  Honestly, we will probably rent some movies from the red box, have some snacks and sparkling apple cider or soda. Diner will be nothing special.

On New Years Day I will make a traditional styled dinner to bring fortune. I researched and decided that we would do something simple: black eyed peas, greens, corn bread and steak. Ohh yeah. We will be having kale as our green which represents money, black eyed peas which represent coins, corn bread represents gold and I chose steak because its just so darn tasty. I will have to make a cake too.

I do hope you all have a safe, fun and festive New Year and let me know how you celebrate it!

Happy New Year!